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Fishing Charters in the Keys 

The goal of South Florida Fishing LLC is to provide you with a great day on the water!  We offer many types of fishing charters: offshore, reef, and backcountry.  We also offer snorkeling, spearfishing, lobstering, and eco tours.

Captain Elmo’s specialty is fishing charters, but his passion and lifetime experience on the water has lead him to offer a variety of charters.  Most groups are accommodating a range of interests, and it is a great, affordable option to mix and match these types of charters.  A favorite of many is to spend the day fishing and tour the mangroves at sunset over a few drinks (BYOB).  Families also enjoy the option to snorkel as well as fish since it is difficult to hold the attention of young ones with just one activity.  You’re paying for time on the water, and we’re here to make sure you have a great time!  There are three boats available to charter: the Sandy Toes (38' Luhrs), the Keys Cowboy (25’ Privateer) and the Snook Crook (19’ Actioncraft).  Please explore the Charters and Eco Tours links to view what services are available on each vessel!

Fishing Charter Key Largo

Back Country Fishing Charter


Backcountry fishing charters are onboard the Snook Crook (16’ Actioncraft).  Snook, redfish, trout, and tarpon are primarily targeted on these charters.  One of Capt. Elmo’s favorite locations to backcountry fish is Florida Bay, located in the Everglades National Park.  There is great fishing and a great opportunity to view wildlife in this region, including many bird species, manatees, and dolphins.  These fishing charters are available in combination with mangrove and birding tours.



Offshore Fishing Charter


Deep sea fishing charters are onboard the Keys Cowboy (25’ Privateer).  These charters target wahoo, mahi mahi, blackfin tuna, sailfish, triple tail, skipjack tuna, and king mackerel, among other species.  We are set up to troll a 4-6 line spread with a variety of baits.  The rates for offshore fishing charters apply to any trip that runs into bluewater to target offshore species.  It is available in combination with reef fishing charters, spearfishing charters, lobstering charters, snorkeling tours, and mangrove tours.

Fishing Charter Key Largo

Reef Fishing Charter


Reef fishing charters are onboard the Keys Cowboy (25’ Privateer).  You are likely to catch a variety of snappers, groupers, hogfish, porgies, mackerel, and more.  Reef fishing charters allow for calmer waters since we are fishing within the protection of the reef.  These charters are available in combination with offshore fishing charters, spearfishing charters, lobstering charters, snorkeling tours, and mangrove tours.  

Fishing Charter Key Largo

Spearfishing Charter


Spearfishing charters are onboard the Keys Cowboy (25’ Privateer).  The reef surrounding the Florida Keys offers some of the best spearfishing in the world allowing for harvest of hogfish, groupers, snappers, and more.  Most of the reef is within 10-60ft allowing for easy freediving for novice breathholders. 

Fishing Charter Key Largo

Lobstering Charter


Lobstering charters are onboard the Keys Cowboy (25’ Privateer).  During the spiny lobster recreational season (2015 season:  July 29th-30th, August 6th-March 31st), we offer charters to snorkel and harvest this species.  Capt. Elmo has years of experience lobstering in south Florida and can put you on shallow reef filled with spiny lobster.  Most of the reef is within 10-60ft allowing for easy freediving for novice breathholders.

Fishing Charter Key Largo
Adventures & Tours in the Keys 

Snorkeling Adventure


Snorkeling tours are available onboard the Keys Cowboy (25’ Privateer).  These tours typically take place within Pennekamp State Park.  There are many beautiful sites that we can visit, including the Christ Statue and Grecian Rocks.  The reefs in Key Largo are world-class and have abundant live coral, including endangered species such as staghorn and elkhorn coral.  They are teeming with parrotfish, butterflyfish, snappers, and surgeonfish to list a few.  These tours are available in combination with offshore fishing charters, reef fishing charters, spearfishing charters, lobstering charters, and mangrove tours. 

Fishing Charter Key Largo

Mangrove Tour


Mangrove tours are available on both the Keys Cowboy (25’ Privateer) and the Snook Crook (16’ Actioncraft), which allows them to be offered in combination with any other charter.  These tours are often just a way to relax after a hard day of fishing.  There are extensive mangrove systems throughout south Florida, and riding through them on a boat offers a unique way to experience the region.  There are egrets, herons, ibises, kingfishers, and ospreys perched throughout the mangroves, allowing for a close-up view of these species.  Roseate spoonbills and flamingoes are also spotted on occasion.  Pods of dolphins and manatees commonly inhabit this region as well. 

Fishing Charter Key Largo

Bird Watching Tour


Birding tours are only available on the Snook Crook (16’ Actioncraft) because this boat allows access into very shallow and narrow waters.  It is offered in combination with any other charter on this vessel.  Capt. Elmo’s wife is an avid birder, and he has learned to appreciate the diversity and abundance of bird species in south Florida.  In the shallow coastal waters of south Florida, wading birds are often seen stalking their prey and feeding.  It is very common to see egrets, herons, woodstorks, pelicans, kingfishers, and ospreys on these tours.  Roseate spoonbills are one of Capt. Elmo’s favorite bird species and also occupy this region.  He has even spotted flamingos and bald eagles when fishing out of Florida Bay (Everglades National Park).

Fishing Charter Key Largo
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